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Fmale Sexual problems

Females being the passive parteners in sexual intercourse have very few sexual problems on their part. But most of the sex problems of males arise from the improper behaviour of females during sexual intercourse which depend upon the sex problems females have at their own. So it is very important on the part of females also to get their problems solved and cooperate voluntarily and happily during sexual intercourse to have the best performances of her partener.


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Commenly sex problems in Fmales

Dysparunia: ie pain during sexual intercourse thus disturbing attetion at the time of intercourse which effects orgasm and ultimately loss of sexual interest in females and loss of vigour in males.Needs councelling and medicinal treatment Pathy to be addopted depends upon whether she is newly wedded or is having the problem after having painless intercourses for sometime.
No interest in sexual intercourse which effects personal relationship with husband and ultimately social life .Side by side councelling of both the parteners is required along with medicinal treatment of female partner.
Nymphomania ie sexual instinct increased upto sexual madness causing insomnia and other disorders of mania.Needs early treatment.
Vaginal inflamation and ulceration after every sexual intercours. Requires councelling and medicinal treatment.
Vaginismus- vaginal itching .Requires medical advice for any infection but may be a symptom of Nymphomania also.
Imperforated hymen or semeperforated thick hymen thus avoiding penetration of penis during sexual intercourse. Needs surgical intervention.
Small sized vagina unable to accommodate penis.Only councelling can solve the problem in some cases while others may need vaginal dilation or surgical intervention.
Atrophic or undeveloped sex organs : May be hormonal problem . Needs hormonal investigations. Homeopathy and Panchkarma in Ayurveda can solve the problem in few cases.
Gushing of fluid during sexual intercourse.Needs medicinal treatment.
Other genital infections causing Leukorhoea etc.can alter sexual behaviour and should be treated accordingly.
Behaviour disorders like Insomnia,Irritation and quarellsome behaviourd due to no sexual satisfaction or over sexual indulgence. Need councelling at the level of both the partners.
Physical weakness after sexual intercourse-needs councelling and medicinal treatment in few cases.